Monday, 28 February 2011

Welcome to the New German for Beginners Course 2011!

So, today is the big day! Although I have taught German courses with Argyll College, this one is going to be the first networked one. And that is definitely a big change. With five learning centres connected over a video screen it makes for an almost global feeling. On the other hand, the fact that in some of the centres only one student is studying on his own, means that we can't have group work or role plays to practise our German. But I'm sure I will find a way around that.

On this blog you will find any additional papers to what we do in the course. There will be exercises, texts, links to videos or exercises on other websites and whatever comes up. And with the course advancing there will be less and less English. After all, this is a German course! And now have a good start into the course and lots of fun. And I don't hope you will join Mark Twain in his opinion, when he wrote that German should be filed with the dead languages since only the dead have enough time to learn it. It honestly is not that difficult!

Guten Abend! Mein Name ist Assja Baumgärtner und ich bin Eure Deutschlehrerin. Assja ist mein Vorname. Mein Nachname ist Baumgärtner. Ich wohne auf Arran. Mein Sohn heisst Fredi und mein Mann heisst Bruno. Unsere Katze heisst Miez-Miez. Mein Sohn ist am neunzehnten April 16 Jahre alt.

Did you understand everything? Well done. This time you got your sheets and homework emailed to the learning centre. You can post your homework on the blog or email it to my email address:
Have a good time

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